Alaska Auto Insurance, AK Car Insurance Quotes Online

This list will help you get really cheap Alaska auto insurance! So whip out your auto insurance policy and compare it with this list to see if you are getting maximum bang for your buck in Alaska.

Anti-Theft Devices
All cars with anti-theft devices will get Alaska auto insurance discounts and almost all new cars come with such anti-theft devices. Most of these start automatically and some others need to be started manually by pressing a button. See if you get more discounts for window sketching.

Multiple Cars
Get both your cars insured for the same price as one. Alaska auto insurance companies will actually give you 2 for the price of 1! Also, if you wish to sell your second car, a neat trick is to keep that car on just liability in order to get multiple discounts. You will be surprised that when you take a car off of your insurance, its price will not go down but it will increase!

Annual Policy
Obviously, you must select a yearly Alaska auto insurance policy. This means that your rate will not be changed for 1 whole year

Comprehensive Storage Coverage
If you wish to store your vehicle for any length of time, keep only the comprehensive Alaska auto insurance coverage during that time. Since the car is being stored, it is almost certain that it will not get in into an accident or a collision or require liability coverage.

Keep a check on the mileage, especially if you are pretty close to the "miles to work" cut-off. When your Alaska auto insurance company asks you about the miles you drive to work, your answer will slot you into a specific class, each of which offer distinct price differences.

Organization Memberships
Ask your Alaska auto insurance company for the list of organization affiliations. If you get a membership here, you may get a cheaper rate.

You can also try other tricks like lowering your deductibles if you are on a bank loan or lowering your basic coverage. Getting a good, cost effective Alaska auto insurance rate is child’s play if you use these tips and tricks.