Louisiana Auto Insurance, LA Car Insurance Quotes Online

Louisiana Auto Insurance Driving Rules:
  • You cannot drive in Louisiana without Louisiana auto insurance coverage.
  • All Louisiana auto insurance rules require you to be covered with Louisiana auto insurance coverage.
  • You must always carry Louisiana auto insurance proof all the time with you.
  • You must always carry your insurance proof while driving around.
Registration Rules:
You cannot get your car registered if you are not covered with Louisiana auto insurance coverage.

Accident Rules:
You are required to produce your Louisiana auto insurance proof at the time of accident. Mandatory Louisiana Auto Insurance Coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability: All at fault drivers must pay damages to the injured party.
  • This means you have pay for the medical expenses of those injured by you. It also includes injuries of other vehicle’s passengers, pedestrians, your co passengers.
  • Property damage liability: You have to pay damages caused to other’s property for e.g. boundary, poles, and other assets.

Optional Louisiana Auto Insurance Coverage:

  • Personal injury protection coverage: Your Louisiana auto insurance company reimburses your medical expenses.
  • Lost wages: Your Louisiana auto insurance company pays for the lost income.
  • It also covers the costs of other injured co-passengers.

Financial Accountability Rules:

    Louisiana auto insurance laws require you to pay the following liability -
  • Louisiana State requires you to pay damages to the injured party.
  • Bodily injuries: You must pay $10000 for causing injuries to a single person
  • You are required to pay up to $20000 as minimum amount for all the bodily injuries
  • Property damage: You have to pay up to $10000 for causing damages to property.