Michigan Auto Insurance, MI Car Insurance Quotes Online

Michigan is a no faults state. A no faults state means that your Michigan auto insurance company will take care of your damages. It also means that the injured party cannot sue you. A Michigan auto insurance coverage is required for license plates. You cannot get license plates for your vehicle if your vehicle is not insured.

Different Types of Michigan Auto Insurance Coverage:
It includes personal injuries protection, property damage, and residual liability insurance.

  • Personal injuries protection coverage: your Michigan auto insurance company pays your medical expenses. It also pays damages for wages lost.
  • Property damage coverage: You are liable to pay compensation for causing damage. It is difficult to pay damages without Michigan auto insurance coverage
  • You are liable to take care of the medical expenses and property damages, which may be a huge amount .For example; you are liable to pay $20000 for causing personal injuries or $1000 for causing damage to other’s property.
  • Residual bodily and property damage liability insurance: Under Michigan auto laws, you are liable to pay damages for causing injuries or damaging other’s property. If you are covered with Michigan auto insurance policy then you can easily pay damages to the injured party.
  • Optional coverage: These are non-mandatory coverage:
  • Collision coverage: If your car has collided then you can get it repaired with the help of Michigan auto insurance coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage: It includes causes other than road accident. For example, your car is damaged because of heavy rain, hailstorm, fire, and any natural calamity then your Michigan auto insurance car company takes care of it

What May Influence Your Michigan Auto Insurance Premiums?
  • Good driving behavior: A good driver is always at advantage. If you have a good driving record then you pay lower premiums.
  • Different insurance rates: All Michigan insurance companies have different insurance rates. It is advisable to make a thorough study.
  • Location: Location of your house also affects your auto insurance premium.
  • Type of vehicle: If you drive an expensive car, then you have to pay a higher premium. So contact your preferred Michigan auto insurance company to insure you and your prized vehicle right now.